In recent times requirement for quality in Healthcare services have risen due to several market forces like medical tourism, insurance, corporate risk, and competition. As a result of these expectations of the consumer for the greatest in quality has also risen, which has lead to the introduction of national and global accreditation bodies to function as a quality assurance mechanism, and consequently improving customers access to better healthcare providers. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) defines Hospital Accreditation because of public recognition from a national or international healthcare certification body, of their accomplishment of certification standards by a health care organization, demonstrated through a separate external peer evaluation of that organizations’ level of performance concerning the standards.

To define, it’s a”self-assessment and outside peer evaluation process utilized by healthcare organizations to evaluate their level of performance with established standards correctly and to implement methods to enhance continuously.” The numerous certification standards are based on quality assurance, evidence-based practice, medical ethics, and medical error prevention. Health System in India is very lively and works within an environment with rapid social, economic, and technical changes.

Before, there have been numerous cases of poor patient care, negligence, insufficient resources with inadequate facilities, absence of information, and unwanted medical interventions. On the other hand, it consists of different kinds of health care organizations and associations delivering different levels of care to the local people and individuals who visit India for medical therapy (Medical Tourism). Such being the case, good quality in healthcare providers becomes necessary, and getting a certification is the only answer. It’s the single most strategy for improving the current standards of the hospitals.

 How does it help the Hospital’s core delivery?

NABH helps identify weaknesses and strengths better and move from the point of power.

NABH certificate hands hospitals a potential Document that can help deliver their core purposes.

NABH promotes transparency at the offerings.

NABH helps enhance management processes.

NABH certification shows that the Hospital has been NABH Certification is a sign that the hospital is accountable to the community.

NABH is approved by ISQUa, the International Society for Quality Assurance in Healthcare,  a certificate on par with the world’s best.

How do patients see NABH certification at work?

The Hospital shows the list of providers it supplies and costs to it upfront.

The patient sees a well-defined entrance Process, along with a system for inter-hospital transfers.

The clinic educates the patient and his family before any decision can be made.

Provide laboratory and testing services as per requirement.

Provides file for the Entire care management process.

Standard infection control and bio waste administration.

 How does it assist the Hospital’s business?

NABH provides an understanding that the Hospital is following world-class methods in running the business, thus building individual trust.

NABH certification helps with a much better accessibility to worldwide markets.

NABH certification enhances customers’ Pride and assurance.

 NABH certificate helps reduce costs for the Hospitals.

 There’s consistent evidence that reveals that accreditation programs improve the procedure for care provided by healthcare services. There’s significant evidence to show that accreditation programs improve the clinical effects of a broad spectrum of clinical problems.

Certifications should be encouraged as a tool to improve the quality of Healthcare providers.