The Healthcare industry is making incredible leaps technologically. The variety of technology-centric solutions has seen a massive jump in usage, application and adaptability.

Hospitals today face a daunting task of not only trying to be current and relevant but also patient care centric.

Today’s patient lives in a digital world. He likes information at his fingertips. A quick browse tells him about anything he needs to know to help make a decision.

While the decision is offline, the decision support systems are all online.

Digital Marketing has now become the new lifeline for any hospital.

Let us examine this in some depth.

Our Life is Digital

People today live in a digital world, and patients are no exception. They take to the internet to find a food joint to a coffee place to a dentist or a hospital.

80% of people with healthcare needs to go online, searching for information. They are not looking for a diagnosis online. They are looking for a healthcare provider who they feel will be safe with.

Patients want good Doctors.

Patients aren’t just looking for health-related information online. They are seeking reviews on ratings to tell them that the healthcare provider they are going to is already trusted by people who write reviews and recommendations. They are also happy to report suggestions when their experience is good.

Patients like hospitals with the latest in features and facilities

Stopping short of taking patients on a tour of the hospital, there is no way to tell patients what your hospital has to offer. Thankfully, the digital world gives hospitals options to showcase their facilities to the prospects. Not only showcase but also help patients use the right facilities suitable for them. All this without moving a finger.

Patients are using more mobile access.

Over the last few years, mobile devices have surpassed laptop and desktops in internet access.

Today’s information providers adopt a mobile-first strategy to the extent that more than 2 out of 3 people use mobile devices to access their internet. Today’s mantra is mobile responsive information.

Technology today gives us options to detect devices being used to access the internet and serve people with different content and style. Fast, responsive site are not a wow factor but a necessity.

Digital Efforts can be measured easily.

The most significant incentive for hospitals to go digital is the ease of measurement of the advertising spend. Digital spends can not only be measured, but it can also be done in real-time. Digital efforts are unlike other mass media which are not focussed. You can focus specifically on location and different demographics in a campaign with pin point accuracy.

Digital Marketing is custom-built.

When it comes to spending on marketing, budgets can be a limiting factor. Not everyone can afford to spend on traditional mass media. Thanks to the versatility of digital media, every penny spent can be used wisely. Smaller budgets also bring in revenues

Healthcare is now commoditised.

With the advent of affordable insurance and the scale of medical facilities, hospitals now are catering to informed patients. People don’t blindly go by hospital reputation but prefer to read case studies and recommendations for their ailments. Insights from retail and other services can help a hospital in projecting their brand to more eyeballs and thus more revenue