Technological Solutions for hospitals has made tremendous changes in the last decade.

Technology has not only made hospitals more agile but also has become inclusive by improving patient experience.

Our technology team has off the shelf and custom solutions for hospitals in the following areas.

  • Hospital Management and Information System (HMIS): Our HMIS is a great ERP tool for hospitals to manage patient care and hospital operations. Our tool gives you extensive management report, statistic and has a powerful search module.

        Our HMIS makes it easy for hospital administrators to plan, monitor and control the functioning of the hospital and improves the quality of offerings in the hospital.

  • Tested Electronic Health Record Systems. The one-piece of health technology which has got more attention within the last many years is that the EHR . EHRs maintain hospitals competitive for a number of reasons, especially as the health care industry puts a more significant emphasis on preventative care and population health.  EHRs and relevant information technologies would be the for the future of healthcare.  They’re a platform for communication.  As patients move, EHRs help maintain the continuum of care.   EHRs have not just made health care portable but are still an outstanding tool for physicians to carry out effectively. 
  • Hand held Applications. Over the past many years, the omnipresence of tablets and their programs has been among the most prominent cultural shifts in the hospital setting, in addition to society at large. They supply plenty of information for physicians and other clinicians — and all within a fingertip’s reach. 

More importantly, we are seeing various applications for all these smartphones that will enable physicians more interaction in the patient care encounter. Since these handheld devices are connected, this assists in error recording, analyzing and reporting patient data in real-time.

  • TeleHealth Tools: Telehealth tools help bridge the gap in care oblivious of geography.

Our team has perfected this technology to help hospitals extend their reach further to their traditional geography. It is now possible for hospitals to treat and refer patients without worrying about distance

  • Patient Friendly Technologies :You do not need to move far to listen to patient encounter horror tales, and much more than a couple would likely name clunky or insensitive tech as the significant culprit of the tale. New tools and consumer-minded organizations are assuring a shift, meaning that associations need to start moving quicker to meet individuals where they live, work and play or risk losing market share to rivals that put their users first and foremost.

We advance technology and make it robust. The way it fits into your existing system, it becomes a part of everyday life

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Mayden is a technology company in the healthcare sector that has been serving the sector for a long time.

Mayden has developed healthcare tools to make transactions easier. It is also been in the forefront of digital revolution to make life easy for better patient care.

Mayden helps hospitals to choose the right technologies to empower them do get to their objectives in a cost effective and productive manner.

Mayden is also known to create custom solutions for hospitals that help in increased revenues and decreasing costs.

Mayden has been building software to facilitate the process of health management and revenues.Mayden has certain proprietary tools offered on a SAAS basis.

Our Needs assessment is the beginning of all things technology.

The Mayden algorithm takes into account the impact vis-à-vis the cost to come to a thorough understanding of requirements and develop specific tools and applications for hospitals.


The Mayden technology team is technology agnostic giving hospitals a clear unbiased vision of what they need. Mayden consults with hospitals on planning, design and implementation of its software and hardware requirements.

Mayden performs the job of an Outsourced technology officer.

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