At Mayden, the main aim is to create an ecosystem that will provide continuous quality improvement in the healthcare and hospital field. We always have been focused on our targets, and our focused approach has helped us uplift the structure, processes, and outcome of the variety of hospital functions. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure fast progress in various accreditations at international and national levels like NABL, and NABH, JCI and so on. These accreditations are in line with the quality needs catering to the patients’ satisfaction and the efficiency of the organization.

Ensuring good quality is very important for health care facilities. 

If the hospital is already accredited by a national or an international body, the patient’s belief in the hospital’s abilities increases manifold. Accreditation is a program in which a trained professional reviews a hospital or healthcare facility’s activities and how much they comply with the rules set out for the healthcare industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The financial benefits include increase patient foot falls and greater revenue.
Improves quality outcomes.
Provides process for timely diagnosis and treatment
Reduces hospital liability in case of bad outcomes.
Demonstrates to patients the commitment and delivery of patient care experience.

While accreditation is not mandatory, the central government has made it mandatory for healthcare providers to be accredited if they want access to CGHS and ECHS.
The IRDA also mandates this.

Quality standards prove to provide tools and access to conformity affording a solid base for healthcare delivery. These standards strive to drive down costs and also improve patient experience.

Accreditation means that the hospital or surgical center is committed to providing high-quality health care and that it has demonstrated commitment to meeting high patient-safety standards.

Mayden is a pioneer in the field functioning with resources who specialise in quality and accreditation standards.
Our experience works for you to make it easier to reach your goals in a shorter time at a lower cost.

The Mayden team will meet with you and do a thorough need analysis study.
Based on this study, the team will come up with a customised plan for your hospital to meet standards.

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